Campbellot Farm is a Hanoverian Breeding Farm. Our mission is to raise exceptional quality Hanoverian horses for Dressage and Jumping capable of competing to the highest levels in the sport. The Hanoverian Breed Society has extremely high standards of what they expect from breeders. This helps to maintain a very high quality breed. We have many broodmares with top quality pedigrees and talents. Our mares vary in size, temperament and talent. We have horses which are bred with specific qualities to excel in dressage, jumping and eventing.

We do not stand a stallion on our farm. Instead, we study the pedigrees of the Hanoverian stallions available for breeding and select the best crosses with our quality mares. This gives us a wide variety of bloodlines to choose from and the ability to find the very best match for our mares. We represent an outstanding cross section of Hanoverian blood with each specialty represented in our breeding plan. For instance, we have some of the best dressage lines crossed with our best dressage mares. The same goes for jumping with foundation lines from both the mares and the stallions very forward in the pedigree.

Our farm is 140 acres of rolling, oak studded foothills with streams and ponds in almost every pasture. The horses are raised galloping through large pastures and building muscles climbing the rolling hills. Our horses are also very familiar with water and most swim for fun in the summer. We raise our own hay and are able to regulate the quality of our feed to a very high degree.

Our offspring are imprinted from birth and are very easy to handle, load, lead, etc. We usually start our horses under saddle at three years old and, if they are ready, we take them to local shows to get exposure to the environment of the show world. Our horses are also ridden on the trails around our farm.



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